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Our main goal is to help people understand the world of screenings. Typically, screening tests are given right before a job offer. Many people in the world cannot land a full-time job because they need to pass a urine screening (or other types).

Synthetic Urine

The best way to pass a test is to use synthetic urine. It’s been around for over a decade and is the most consistent method to help you pass.

Which one should you choose?

There are many different options floating around the Internet. We strongly recommend you go with Quick Fix Plus 6.1.


Our Method

You’re probably wondering how we know so much about synthetic urine. Well, we have taken the time to research the forums across the Internet. People don’t tend to talk about testing in public, and therefore, it’s best to find the information in a forum.

The problem is that there are so many people talking about the subject. That’s where we come in. We’ve spent countless hours researching so you don’t have to.

Our Disclaimer

Our website makes a commission if you follow an affiliate link to a 3rd party website. We do this to keep the site up and running. We assure you all of our reviews are honest. We do not manipulate our reviews to make more sales.

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